• About

    Here you will find all the latest news on the recipe sharing and organizing site RecipeSnap.com. Also here you will be able to find FAQ’s and general info on using the site.

    Recipe what?

    RecipeSnap is about making your recipes super easy to organize, share, and find in a pinch. Entering a recipe is fast and easy, and you can access it from anything with an internet connection. You can also share your recipes with unprecedented convenience. Put customized recipe cards on your blog or website, or just email it to your friends or loved ones.

    Tags not Tabs

    Think of RecipeSnap as del.icio.us for your recipes. Every recipe is “tagged” with key words that you associate with the recipe. For instance a recipe for Spaghetti might have the tags “dinner”, “italian”, “pasta”, and “beef”. The more tags you use, the easier it will be to find your recipe later. No more wondering if you filed your recipe for Pretzels under “Bread” or “Snacks”, now it can be in both!

    Blog about it

    It is now easier than ever to put your recipes on your website. Using our recipe cards you can swiftly put a well formated and designed recipe on your page in the blink of an eye. We’ve done all the geeky stuff to make your recipes accessible and easy to work with. Food bloggers rejoice! You now have the powerful systems that big sites like AllRecipes and Epicurious have, and it’s working for you.